The group of companies includes 12 elevators / cereal receiving stations and 3 milling plants, which are located in the main grain producing regions:

  • 5 elevators in the Kostanay region;
  • 2 elevators and 1 mill plant in Akmola region;
  • 2 elevators and 1 mill plant in the North Kazakhstan region;
  • 1 elevator and 1 mill plant in Pavlodar region;
  • 1 elevator in Almaty region.

The total simultaneous storage capacity of all elevators is 815,000 tons.
The total productivity of the mills is 550 tons per day.

The annual turnover of the company is 300,000 tons - 400,000 tons of grain.

The main terms of delivery under our contracts are CIF, FOB and DAP. We work with the largest ship-owning companies all over the world. The main shipping ports with which we have been cooperating for more than 10 years are the port of Yeisk, the port of Novorossiysk and the port of St. Petersburg (Russia).

Our group of companies has a constant cooperation with the first-class survey companies.

All elevators are equipped with modern professional technical equipment, as well as the Infratek 1241 devices for the rapid assay of protein, moisture and gluten.

The company has its own mobile fleet of new railway cars:

  • 515 grain carriers of increased cubic capacity (110 cubic meters).
  • 32 tanker vessels for storage and transportation of vegetable oils.

In September 2015, we purchased and installed the latest American equipment system from Sciex for clinical research to determine pesticide residues, herbicides and insecticides. The installed equipment allows to determine the maximum amount of the test products’ safety indicators important for the safety of human life, health and the environment; to increase the speed of analysis, the determination accuracy of the specified indicators. This laboratory is the only one in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

One of our elevators (Agrimer-Astyk LLP), located in the Akmola region, is equipped with several lines (plants) for processing of oilseeds:

  • soybean processing plant has a capacity of 36,000 tons of raw materials per year. The export of soybean processing products (soybean expeller and soybean oil) is equal to 90%; the rest 10% is sold on the domestic market;
  • soybean extrudate production plant (full-fat soybeans). The plant has a capacity of 22,000 tons of raw materials per year.
  • rapeseeds and sunflower seeds processing plant with an annual processing capacity of 45,000 tons. Export of processed products (rapeseed and sunflower seed expeller, rapeseed and sunflower oil) will be equal to 100%.

All plants are certified in accordance with the European GMP standard for control of processing of the feeding stuff.
The milling plant and soybeans processing plant, located on the elevator in the Akmola region, are included in the industrialization map of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The equipment for packing wheat into bags was installed at three elevators: Agrimer-Astyk LLP, Raimbek-Grain and Co. LLP and Predpriyatie Zholkudukskiy elevator LLP.

Five elevators were certified in accordance with CCIC (Chinese certification).

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