Address: 1 Garazhnaya Street, district named after G. Musrepov, North-Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan

District named after Gabit Musrepov 

Core business (of enterprise): reception, drying, processing, storage and distribution of grain.

The elevator was put into operation in 2002.

The territory area is 4,25 hectares.

The elevator complex consists of:

  • Three iron silo towers;
  • Two  elevator towers;
  • Two warehouses for floor storage;
  • auto-receiving devices;
  • receiving gate mechanism at the railway;
  • road and railroad weight;
  • two grain dryers.

The enterprise owns a dead end siding.

The freight cars turnover per day is equal to 15 cars.

The total simultaneous capacity of silo towers and warehouses is equal to 22 100 tons.

The turnover of the elevator for one crop year is more than 60 000 tons.