Address: 37, Skachkov Street, Mamlyutka City, North-Kazakhstan region

Adjacent areas: Mamlyt district, Zhambyl district

Mamlyt district (Мамлютский район)

The total planting acreage is 142,802 thousand hectares, whereof:

  • Soft wheat – 123,758 thousand hectares;
  • Barley – 9,508 thousand hectares;
  • Oat – 2,011 thousand hectares;
  • Rapeseed – 4 thousand hectares;
  • Flaxseed – 2 thousand hectares.
  • Other leguminous crops – 1,525 thousand hectares.

The soil in this district is common carbonated.

Zhambyl district 

The total planting acreage is 292,849 thousand hectares, whereof:

  • Soft wheat – 222,146 thousand hectares;
  • Durum wheat – 5 thousand hectares;
  • Barley – 23,346 thousand hectares;
  • Peas (dried) – 2,5 thousand hectares;
  • Rapeseed – 15 thousand hectares;
  • Flax – 24,857 thousand hectares.

The soil in this region is common carbonated and dark chestnut carbonated.

It is a forest-steppe zone.

Core business (of enterprise): reception, drying, processing, storage and distribution of grain as well as production of flour products.

The elevator was built and put into operation in 1956.

The territory area is 12,8 hectares.

The basis of production activities as follows:

  • Modern mill complex;
  • Cereal-handling elevator;
  • Complex-mechanized grain storages.

The elevator complex consists of:

  • Elevator tower;
  • Six grain-storage sections;
  • Seventeen operating fully mechanized floor grain storages;
  • auto-receiving device;
  • receiving gate mechanism at the railway;
  • road and railroad weight;
  • grain dryer.

The mill complex is equipped with highly-productive equipment of the Swiss company Buhler AG, which is a world leader in the production of technological equipment for the flour production. The productivity of the mill complex is 250 megaton per day. There is a warehouse for placement of end products.

The company has its own brand, «Golden Grain», for the production and sale of flour.

The grain delivery is made by road and railroad transport.

The enterprise owns a dead end siding. The enterprise owns two locomotives for shunting operations. The freight cars turnover per day is equal to 60 cars.

The total simultaneous capacity of silo towers and warehouses is equal to 145 000 tons.

The turnover of the elevator for one crop year is more than 210 000 tons.