Soft wheat

Soft or common wheat (Triticum aestivum) is the most widely distributed type of wheat, also known as bread wheat. In general, this variety has a high content of protein and gluten. The grain endosperm is hard or soft. 

Classification of wheat by grain quality:

Group I

These are hard wheat varieties with excellent grinding and baking characteristics.

Group II

This group contains different wheat varieties, not all of which have potential for use in baking. Some varieties are not hard enough in comparison with the group I; others are too soft, whereas the contrast still others are quite suitable for the production of professional flour.

Group III

This group contains soft wheat varieties that are ideal for the production of biscuit, pastry and other flour varieties, where the main requirements are soft grinding characteristics, low protein content, good flour yield and tensile, but not elastic gluten.

Group IV

These varieties of wheat are mainly cultivated as forage fodder.