15 march 2019

How do you grow environmentally net production and bring it to the European market? The cycle of seminars on this topic in the main agrarian regions of Kazakhstan is conducted by «Atameken» Center of Agricultural Competencies of National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

The seminars are held in the framework of the promotion of the Qazaq organic food brand, which is led by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs «Atameken». It created the Union of Organic Producers of Kazakhstan, uniting the largest companies already operating in the sector and exporting dozens of tons of organic wheat and oilseeds to Europe annually.

According to experts, organic agriculture is, on average, 20–35% more profitable than traditional farming, which implies the use of agrochemistry. Yes, organic fields bring lower yields because of the refusal of mineral fertilizers. But this decrease (by 10-20%) is offset by a price premium. In crop production, prices for organics are higher on average by 30%, for processed agricultural products - by 50%. In addition, it is important that the transfer of land to organic production allows you to maintain and restore its fertility. At the expense of the restoration of natural processes. Therefore, choosing organic production, the peasants not only increase the profitability of their business, but also care about the future of the country.

As for sales, they are currently engaged in the companies-traders, supplying to Europe. At the same time, the need is huge, EU processors are ready to take tens of thousands of tons of grain and oilseeds from Kazakhstan. If we talk about the price, last year 350 - 400 euros were paid for a ton of organic wheat on the German market.

Surely, these products will be in demand due to high quality, even if they pay more for it. The number of people who are attentive to their diet is growing. And by the way, we now have a lot of truly environmentally friendly products that are simply not certified - at least take our horse meat. We need to help people navigate this.

By the way, in Europe the interests of consumers are followed closely. Therefore, it is forbidden to put badges on uncertified food that may mislead the buyer. We are talking about the labels «bio», «eco» etc., which can often be seen on the most ordinary Kazakhstani products. Due to this principle, European certification of organic materials is recognized worldwide. The «Qazaq organic food» badge should exactly come to this.



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